Wir sind zur Zeit auf Madeira und erkunden die Insel. Unsere neuen Berichte findet ihr unter: Madeira

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  • Administrator sagt:

    Hi Monica and Antti!
    I write today from our website. Thanks for your comment. You are right, we are now at the Canaries and the weather is warm, but not so sunny, as it should be – and a lot of wind. It would better you wait for the spring, if you enter our boat. We would be very glad, if it happens.
    Best regards, Claudia + Edi, Cul8r

  • Antti and Monica sagt:

    We have followed your saling on the webside. It is intresting to follow your tour. We think that next stop will be Canaria Islands? There you will prepare for the big trip over the ocean. We wait for a harbor in same sunny place befor we enter your boat.